As I watched from Grandstand 6, it was the bottom of the 9th. There were to men on base, and Cody Ross was batting. The ball came off the bat and sailed into the visiting Bullpen. I immediately said that was the turning point of the Red Sox season. Then they get swept by the Blue Jays in three straight games. But now I again think the Boston Red Sox could potentially go on a run for october. They have four straight wins right now and have a key game tonight that could effect wild card standing down the line against Detroit. Here is how the Red Sox can get back into the playoffs this year. 
ImageFirst thing they need to do is to use this current home stand. They have eight games left and have already won the first two. If they can take six or seven out of the last eight, they’re in great shape. Second thing is to get the lineup set up and all they have to do here is wait for Ortiz to be ready to play again. He took batting practice last night but is still not ready to return. He should be ready by the weekend. Third item of business for the Sox is their starting pitching, Beckett and Lester need to get hot, Lester pitched very well against the Yankees last saturday and Beckett did well last night until he suffered some back spasms and had to leave the game. The other starters are doing ok, especially Felix Doubront who is their first ten game winner. Lastly keep the Bullpen going strong. In the beginning of the season this was supposed to be one of the worst bullpens in baseball and they turned out to be one of the best. 

If the Sox could pull all of this together, combine it with a couple of wins down the stretch. They’ll have a shot at making a one game wild card playoff, even possibly at home. Although I wouldn’t start planning paint designs for Fenway yet.


Hey! I’m back.

Posted: August 1, 2012 in Sports

Just letting you all know that I am back and ready to share my sports knowledge. With my Red Sox recent run I felt a need to start blogging again.

P.S. Hello Haters


Posted: September 24, 2011 in Sports

On September 1st  of September Red Sox fans were focusing on winning the division and getting ready for the obvious playoff birth. 24 days later it does not look so bright for the Sox, They lost the division lead to the Yankees who have already clinched it. They had a 10 game wild card lead that is now down to 1.5 games. What Happened?

Pitching, Injuries, and More Pitching. The starting pitching for the Sox has gone down the pipe. Kevin Youkilis is hurt, Clay Buchholz is hurt. And the bullpen has way to many holes in it to get into the playoffs. It is total desperation mode for them right now. They need wins and fast they have 5 more games 2 against the Yankees, and 3 against Baltimore. It is looking like they are going to choke.

This team was built to win a World Series, With Adrian Gonzalez, and Carl Crawford added to the already star studded lineup, this team was a shoe in for the series. The same team was boo’ed of the field on their last home game of the season.

Its now up to Josh Beckett and Jon Lester to limp the Sox into the playoffs, Its now up to the batters to wake up for the most important games of the season. Don’t count them out like you did in April after a 2-10 start, they turned it around then and certainly turn it around once more.

School work.

Posted: September 20, 2011 in Sports

Because of my busy schedule, i will no longer be able to post 2-3 short posts a day, as you may have noticed. Now i will make it much more like a column instead of a blog with 2 much longer posts a week(much like a news article). I’m sorry if this lets you down.


With regrets,


Rays Wildcard Hopes. Are they Legit?

Posted: September 13, 2011 in Sports

Of course they are. The Red Sox may be choking themselves out of the playoffs.

Reasons the Red Sox could blow it.

  1. Lack of bullpen. All they have is Pap. Who usually gets the win but always seems to make it a little interesting.
  2. Injuries. Although Kevin Youkilis pushed back his surgery and is playing as I type, Beckett is out (not for long as there are rumors of his return on Thursday or Friday) and Clay Buchholz also injured but should be back if the sox make the playoffs.
  3. Not the best starting rotation.  lackey lacks talent, Dice K is a 51 million dollar piece of  $#!&, Wakefield is ok at best, Buchholz is hurt, Beckett is hurt but should perform well like the past in the post seasons.
Reasons the Rays wont win it.
  1. 7 games against the Yankees left
  2. Red sox have 7 games against the orioles left.
  3. Beckett starting against Tampa Bay this weekend.
Im not counting either possibility out but I think the sox hold on to this one.

Is this the night for Wakefield?

Posted: September 13, 2011 in Sports

I sure as hell hope so, this guy has tried many times to get 200 wins, with either a bad performance or a bullpen choke that has stoped him from reaching this milestone.

So what do you think, Facebook me or mention me on twitter(links in the sidebar) I want to know.

Red Sox. is it time to Panic?

Posted: September 10, 2011 in Sports

Maybe . The Rays are .not going away, injuries are piling up, and the wild card lead keeps shrinking, so why isn’t it time to panic? Because its the Red Sox, look at all of the talent they have, Gonzo, Ortiz, Ellsbury, and many others.

One thing that is key for the Red Sox is getting Josh Beckett back on the mound because the Sox still have 6 games against the Rays, which can make or break their season. One thing that can kill the Rays, 7 games against the Yankees. One thing that can help the Red Sox, 7 Games against the Orioles.

I am not going to lie, I’m nervous. But i am a Sox Fan, So i will always keep the faith.